Welcome to Apoi Sanso!!

Apoi Sanso is an inn located at the foot of Mt.Apoi, a treasure chest of alpine plants,
which offers a large public bath with ocean views and serves cuisine
cooked with locally sourced ingredients. Apoi Sanso is conveniently located
close to the Mt.Apoi hiking trail and is a popular tourist destination.

The Public Baths

The baths at Apoi Sanso offer a panoramic view of Mt Apoi and the
Pacific Ocean. The bathing area aiso includes an open air bath and sauna
room. Enjoy a relaxing soak while being surrounded by nature.


The menu at Apoi Sanso is made with fresh seafood fished from local
shores and locally grown ingredients.


Climbing Mt. Apoi, park golf course, touring the Geopark geosites,
and everything else that Samani has to offer.